Auxiliary Copy Policy destination media is bad

Article ID: AUXCP0005 Auxiliary copy operation fails because of bad destination media.


The Auxiliary Copy job displays the following error message:

Auxiliary Copy Policy destination media is bad


An Auxiliary Copy operation encounters bad media but has already copied some data to the media before receiving failed to copy data errors.

When the destination media is bad the data copied to the bad tape will not be re-copied to the new tape.


To re-copy those jobs associated with a failed Auxiliary Copy job where the destination media is bad follow the steps below.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, select Policies | Storage Policies <Storage Policy Name>
  2. Right-click the storage policy copy, point to View, and then click Jobs.

    The jobs that already copied appears as Available.

  3. Select and right-click the jobs that are available that were copied to the bad tape, and then click Re-Copy.
  4. A message appears, that asks you that do you want to copy the jobs. Click Yes.