Unsupported Data Path selected for Copy

Article ID: AUXCP0010 Storage policy copy creation is unsuccessful.


One or more of the following error messages might appear in the EvMgrS log:

### EvArchMgr::getCopyFailoverCandidates() - Datapath library [ ] Drive pool [N/A] Spare pool [N/A] cannot be used due to Media Agent [ ] license is  not used or expired


### EvArchMgr::setArchiveGroupCopy() - Unsupported Data Path is given for storagePolicyId[ ] copyName[ ] mediaAgentId[ ] library [ ] drivePoolId[ ] SpareGroupId[ ], source copy's data path is MA attached library and user selected NAS attached library for destination copy which is not supported


### ::sendResponse() - FAILED [Unsupported data path selected for copy, source copy data path is MediaAgent attached library and selected data path for this copy is NAS attached library which is not supported.]


Cause 1:

On a storage policy, source copy using MediaAgent-based library and the destination copy using a NAS-based library is not supported.

Cause 2:

MediaAgent has expired license.

Cause 3:

User has insufficient capabilities to add the data path.


Resolution 1:

During destination storage policy copy creation, assign a non NAS-based library as a data path.

Resolution 2:

Check if the MediaAgent license is still valid. If not, apply valid license on the MediaAgent.

Resolution 3:

Check if user has the following capabilities associated with the storage policy.

  • MediaAgent Management
  • Storage Policy Management 

See Managing User Groups for more information on assigning capabilities to user.