Error Code [62:342] Encountered an I/O error while performing the operation

Article ID: AUXCP0023 The auxiliary copy operation fails when it is performed on a storage policy in which the primary copy is stored on a Data Domain device.


The auxiliary copy operation fails with the following error message:

Error Code 62:342:

Encountered an I/O error while performing the operation.


The error occurs for one of the following reasons:

  • The Data Domain is configured as Workgroup.
  • The account that is used to access the mount paths on the Data Domain device does not have rights assigned to the following default configuration path on the MediaAgents.

    C:\Program Files\Commvault\Simpana


If the Data Domain is not configured to authenticate user accounts by using Active Directory, complete these steps:

  1. Add the user or service account, which was used to configure the UNC/CIFS mount path for the Data Domain, to the local administrators group of the source and destination MediaAgents.
  2. Ensure that the user or service account has Full Rights to the software installation directory. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, or Windows 2008 R2 requires explicit rights to this folder, including all subfolders and files.

    For more information on verifying the user or service account that is configured on the mounth path, see Modify the Mount Path.

    Note: In the Connect As box, the user account is the account that must be added in the local administrators group.