Recommended Naming Convention for Policies and Reports

Article ID: CC0006 Recommended Naming Convention for Policies and Reports


Recommended Naming Convention for Policies and Reports

Best Practices

The flexibility of naming storage policies, copies, libraries, schedule policies and reports has generated numerous requests for recommended naming conventions. Having a consistent naming convention allows you to builds information into the name making the interface more intelligent and usable.


It’s important to note that the names or alias can be changed at any time without affecting data protection or storage.


Of course, one size does not fit all, but the naming recommendations listed below have had a wide acceptance. Use what fits your business.





Storage Policies

Name by their data type, scope of coverage, and streams

Exchange Database 2; File System 10; Accounting Department 4; Web Servers 2

Storage Policy Copies

Name by the purpose and retention

Onsite 2/15; Offsite 4/90; Spool; Combined Archive 2/30 + W 90 + M 365

Schedule Policies

Name by purpose and/or pattern

Web Servers 8PM Daily Full; File Servers 9PM Fri Full/Daily Incr; Database Servers 6PM Mon Full/Hourly Incr


Name by purpose, coverage, and/or pattern

Daily Readiness – Web Servers; Weekly Spare Media; Weekly Media Retention


Name by Type, Capacity(GB, or Drive/Slots), and/or location

300GB NAS (Chicago); 5/80 DLT (DataCenter);