Remote CommCell Console won't start after Java Runtime Environment (JRE) update

Article ID: CC0009 Java bug prevents remote web-based CommCell Console from starting


Remote web-based CommCell Console hangs on start due to Java environment bug on local host.  An examination of the installed Java version shows Java version 8 update 72, 74, 77, 91 or 92 is installed


Java Runtime Environment version 8 updates 72, 74, 77, 91 and 92 contain a known Java Bug (JDK-8147920 & JDK-8150510) which prevents CommCell console from starting 

There is no issues on other Commvault applications that are using Java, only the CommCell Console is affected.


Verify current Java version

  1. Open Java applet in the CommCell Console host's Control Panel
  2. Select About to view Java Version installed

If the installed Java version shown is Version 8 Update 72, 74 or 77, uninstall Java and then install Java Version 8 Update 71 or 73.

To Remove Java 

  1. Open Programs and Features applet in the CommCell Console host's Control Panel,
  2. Locate Java program, right-click, and select Uninstall.

To install older version of Java

  1. Download jre-8u73-windows-x64.exe or jre-8u71-windows-x64.exe from Oracle.
  2. Run the downloaded file to install Java,

Recommendation: Use odd-numbered Java versions as these don't contain uncertified patch sets which may cause issues.  Also make sure to use the "Java SE Runtime Environment" version.