Error code: 19:857 Cloud Recall Error

Article ID: CLD0009 Attempts to restore data from archive cloud storage (such as Amazon Glacier) fail during the cloud recall phase.


The cloud storage archive recall workflow job fails with a Job Pending Reason (JPR) that is similar to the following:

Error Code: [19:857]

Description: Run failed, error=0x8007065B:{CloudChunkRecall::run()} + {CRCacheDataRecaller::run()} + {CRGenericModeProcessor::log_and_get_error_return(16)/W32.1627.(Function failed during execution.)-Failed to loop up info in registry for Mountpath []}



The cloud recall is running on an Index Server MediaAgent that is not associated with the cloud storage library.


  1. Share the Index Server MediaAgent with the cloud storage library that you use for the recall.
  2. Cancel the the existing restore job in the Job Controller, and then resubmit the restore job.