Error Code 9:24 Could not translate the name/address of machine [ ] into an address/name

Article ID: CS0013 The error indicates that a computer, typically the CommServe, was unable to resolve the name of another host. You can determine the computers involved by examining the source of the error in Event Viewer.


Attempt to communication with remote system results in Error Code 9:24

[CVSession::getSocket,gethostbyname]:Could not translate the name/address of machine [ ] into an address/name. Error returned [(null)]. Check DNS or Host Files.


Possible causes:

  • Incorrect hostname in Client Properties
  • Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or IP address not being used as hostname
  • Incorrect DNS record
  • DNS not accessible
  • Local hosts file incorrect
  • Incorrect name resolution in Local or DNS cache
  • Network does not support name resolution


Ensure the name shown in brackets in the error is resolvable by the computer generating the message. You may choose to add a DNS entry or modify your host file.

Check the "Host Name" for the clients' properties on the General tab from the CommCell Console/WEB GUI with nslookup and determine if the DNS and hosts file are working correctly.

If the name of the host shown is incorrect, you can change the host name from the properties window for the client in CommCell Console.

Another issue may be that the network does not support name resolution even when a hosts file is used. In this case set up any Media Agents' and the Clients' by IP address for "Host Name" in the CommCell GUI/Console by right clicking the client, selecting "Properties" and on the "General" tab edit the "Host Name" to be the IP address.