Defining the scope of "This Week" for Find operations

Article ID: CS0015 When using Find to search protected data, one of the advanced options scope is listed as "This Week". What is the actual scope of "This Week"


Find uses the object's modified time as recorded in protected storage.  Using "This Week" as a scope includes all modifications time back to the first day of the week.  For different regions the first day of the week may vary. 


Start day of “This week” is determined by the Locale setting for the host opening the CommCell® Console. 


For Windows, the First day of week can be changed in the Control Panel’s Region and Language applet.

In UNIX/Linux the First day of week can be changed using the LOCALE setting.  See UNIX/Linux main pages for details.

Our recommendation is to NOT use "This Week" scope, but rather define Find search scope by start date and range specifically.