Error Code 10:2 Unable to communicate with the remote machine [...] to start the Data Pipe

Article ID: CS0016 Communication problems between Client and MediaAgent prevents jobs from running.


Job displays Error Code 10:2 Unable to communicate with the remote machine [...] to start the Data Pipe. Please check the network connectivity between the local machine and the remote machine and verify this product's Communications Service is running on the remote machine.


Error code 10.2 is most commonly associated with Client/MediaAgent communcation failure.

If communication has worked in the past then something has changed that affects the network connectivity of the hosts involved.




1. Verify that the client computer is powered on.

2. Make sure all Commvault Software services are running on the client computer.

3. Check to see if a new NIC card was installed which uses DHCP mode by default which will prevent services from starting.  Set up the NIC with the proper Static IP for the CommServe.

4. Check if there is more than one IP associated to a NIC. (Multi-Homed)

5. Verify the binding order of the NICs used on the CommServe, MediaAgent and Client. Commvault Software by default uses the one listed at the top of the binding order.

6. Confirm in the CommCell Console GUI the FQDN, Short Name and the IP Address used by each machine involved in the Job.

7. Check "Data interface Pairs" to confirm which IP's, Short Names or FQDN names are assigned to the CommServe, MediaAgent and Clients involved in the problem.

8. Check and clear resolver cache on CommServe, MediaAgent and Clients involved in the problem. 

9. Check the Hosts file on all the computers involved.

10. Test Name Resolution for the Client and MediaAgent using " ping -a " and/or " nslookup" utilizing their respective "Host Name". 

11. Check for Connection issues using each of the names / IP's to determine which one is failing.

12. Ensure that the IP addresses shown in a " netstat -an " report run from a Command Prompt ( cmd ) are the correct IP addresses of the server with connection problems.

13. Test for port connectivity between the CommServe and client by typing in the following command from the command prompt: telnet 8400

14. If the above steps do not yield an answer then please use the TestPort utility in the Resource Pack to further test port connectivity problems.