Rolling Back a Commvault Service Pack Upgrade

Article ID: CS0033 Rolling Back a Commvault Service Pack Upgrade


Rolling Back a Commvault Service Pack Upgrade


In the event a Commvault software service pack upgrade fails or for some reason needs to be removed, you can roll back to the previous service pack software state using the procedure described here.

  1. During a service pack installation, a DR backup of the current CommServe state is automatically conducted.  This will be your roll back state DR backup.
  2. Before rolling back, we recommend taking a new DR backup, just in case.

Warning: Make sure you have access to both of these DR backup before proceeding.

Warning: All backups between the roll back state DR backup will be lost.

  1. Uninstall Commvault software on the CommServe platform
  2. Reinstall the CommServe software using a previous service pack version and select the roll back state DR backup.

Note: Previous versions of Commvault software can be downloaded from Commvault's Download Center->Media Kits->Enterprise Kits.

  1. When the CommServe Services start, log in and disable CommServe Activity and Scheduler.
  2. Uninstall the MediaAgent software from all MediaAgent platforms.
  3. Reinstall the MediaAgent software using previous service pack version.
  4. Enable Activity and Scheduler on the CommServe. 

Note: Enabling acttivity will automatically trigger a Deduplication Database (DDB)  resync. A resync will prune records in the DDB for Archive Files/chunks that are no longer in the CommServe database because of the roll back.

Warning: New full backups are recommended for all AppTypes.