Error Code 19:1306 Failed to get a response from Communications Service for process registration

Article ID: CVD0003 Newly installed client or client with recent name change cannot communicate with the CommServe host


Backup fails with error code 19:1306. Usual this occurs are a newly installed client or a client with a recent name change.


Several possible causes:

  • Client certificate is not honored, missing, or multiple certificates for client exists
  • Initial Agent installation was in error, corrupted, or failed to complete correctly.


In the CommCell Console, in the Control Panel's Certificate Administration, .

  • Verify that the client has only one Active certificate. If no certificate exists, issue a temp certificate. Revoke any other certificates for that client.
  • Restart Commvault services on the client and resume backup.

If backup still fails with error 19:1306, uninstall and reinstall all agents on client..