WAN network connection between CommCell hosts drops after establishing connection.

Article ID: CVD0007 WAN Network connection drops abruptly when dynamic ports used. Packet loss between hosts is detected.


Port usage is authorized through firewall and initial connection is being established. Shortly after connecting the connection is abruptly terminated. Both source and destination hosts detect connection loss. Wireshark analysis shows packet loss between hosts.


Riverbed Technology's Steelhead product was installed.  Steelhead is used to improve application performance across wide area networks (WANs) using a technique known as WAN optimization. In-Path rules for packet-mode optimization were not configured for Commvault use of dynamic ports. 


Configure Riverbed In-Path rules to allow WAN optimization of dynamic ports.  Port Labels can be used to define range of dynamic ports.  See Riverbed Support on how to configure In-Path rules using port labels.