Aged Data is Not Being Pruned from the Cloud Storage

Article ID: DA0002 The data aging operation is not pruning the aged data from the cloud storage location.


The Data Aging Job Summary report for cloud storage displays the following error message:

Aged data on this mount path cannot be pruned because micro pruning is disabled on the mount path.


For a deduplication storage policy that is associated with a cloud library, the data is not aged and is therefore not pruned until the deduplication database (DDB) is sealed and all the backup jobs associated to that DDB meet the retention rules.


You can prune data from the cloud storage without sealing the DDB as soon as the backup jobs associated with that DDB meet the retention rules.

The ability to configure the micropruning settings for cloud storage is available in the latest service pack, which must be installed on the MediaAgent. 

For more information, see Configuring Granular Pruning on Cloud Storage.