Error Code 9:99 Client [] is not allowed to connect with built-in certificates. If you are reinstalling, please revoke all the client's outstanding certificates in the Certificate Administration applet of Control Panel in the GUI.

Article ID: DAPR0002 Backup or Archive job goes pending with Error Code 9:99 and possibly other errors related to loss of control or communication


Job goes pending and/or fails. AppMgrService or CVD logs will show Error Code 9:99 and possibly other errors related to loss of control or communication


Usually occurs with a new client install. A client with the same name may exist on the network. Communication errors may prevent reading of the certificate. Additionally, if this is a new install, the option to force per-client certficatication on the CommServe may be enabled and a temporary certficate needs to be issued. 

A generic built-in certificate is used for initial installation of a client. Once validated, a unique certificate is issued for each client. You can configure the CommServe host to only validate a permanent or temporary client certificates during installation, and refuse connections from built-in certificates.  Certificates can be revoked and re-issued, and are renewed automatically. See Client Certificates.



If this is a newly installed client.

  1. Verify you have successful network communication with the client from the Commserve.  
  2. Verify the option to Force per-client certification on the CommServe is not selected.
    1. If not selected - Uninstall and then re-install the Commvault software.
    2. If selected – Follow directions to issue a temporary certificate to the client.

If this is an existing client (data protection jobs have previously been successful)

  1. In the CommCell Console
    1. In the Job Controller, suspend any pending data protection job(s) for the client.
    2. In the Control Panel, open the Certificate Administration applet
      1. Select the client and Revoke its certificate.
  2. On the client
    1. Use Process Manager to stop all Commvault services on the Client
    2. Delete the <Install path>/Base/Certificate folder.  (It will be automatically rebuilt when services are restarted and the client communicates with the CommServe)
    3. Restart the Commvault services on the Client.
    4. Resume or start data protection job.