Error Code 19:1031 Another backup is running on the client

Article ID: DAPR0004 Exchange database Backup job fails with subject error, but another backup does not appear to be running


Exchange DAG Backup fails with error similar to:

Error Code: [19:1031] Description: Another backup is running for client [], iDataAgent [], Subclient []. Source: , Process: JobManager


Most likely cause is previous backup failed because integrity checks of the prevous backup did not complete yet.  Previous job does not appear in Job Controlller because it's appearance has timed out. Previous job can be found in backup history.

Another possible cause is failure/timeout of Exchange VSS writers.




If previous backup is taking too long, turn off integrity checks during backup or schedule backups with sufficient intervals for integrity checks to complete.

If Exchange VSS writers have failed/timed out, change backup to use other node.  Alternative is to restart the Exchange information store service and verify VSS writers are in stable state.