Error Code 14:201 - Index from previous job was not found on MediaAgent. The job will resume after restoring the index.

Article ID: DAPR0013 Backup job fails or takes a long time to finish


Incremental backup fails (times out) or is extremely slow.


Index required for updating is not found in Index Cache. Required Index may have been deleted, pruned, or created on another MediaAgent currently inaccessible. Attempts to obtain index from other MediaAgent or restore from media are failing or taking a long time to process.  Delay maybe caused by network issues or free resources required to restore the index are unavailable. 

Another cause could be insufficient Index Cache Space


Verify the Index Cache volume has sufficient space.  Recommend a minimum of 500MB free disk space be available.  Actual needed free disk space will vary depending on size of index.  See BOL for recommended Index Cache disk space.

Check network connectivity between all components involved.

Verify library media is online, ready, and available.

Run full backup to create new index.