Restores to Red Hat VM's /var/tmp directory are being redirected.

Article ID: DARC0003 Commvault guest file level restores can upload files to aguest VM's given destination path. When using '/var/tmp' as destination on Red Hat Linux VM client with open-vmtools running, uploads are not going to given destination path. Instead, restores to Red Hat VM /var/tmp directory are redirected.


VM Guest file restores to /var/tmp are redirected to systemd-private-[GUID]-vmtoolsd.service-/tmp direcotry


Red Hat added a downstream patch which enables PrivateTmp for the vmtoolsd service.  This was added to harden vmtoolsd against possible tmp exploits. 


If you look in /usr/lib/systemd/system/vmtoolsd.service you will see a line:


You can comment out that line and restart the service if you wish.

An alternative is to upload to a non-tmpdir directory.