Troubleshooting DASH Copy Performance Issues

Article ID: DD0009 If you are experiencing performance issues during DASH copy, you can troubleshoot them by performing the following basic operations:


Slow performance of auxiliary copy operation using DASH option.


  • Verify Network Latency between Source and Target MediaAgent.

    Use TestPort utility. This utility allows you to measure the network latency and also available bandwidth.

    • If the Network Latency is low and source copy has deduplication enabled.

      Use Disk Read Optimization option. This eliminates data rehydration and signature generation at source MediaAgent.

      See Modifying a Storage Policy Copy Deduplication Settings for instructions.

    • If the Network Latency is high.

      Use Network Read Optimization option with Enable Use Cache DB. This reduces the signature transfer over the network.

  • Verify Deduplication Reduction on a source copy

    DASH copy can be slow because during this operation large amount of data needs to be transferred over a limited bandwidth. This is because:

    Identify the jobs/clients/agent type that are getting backed up with lowest amount of deduplication from Job Details and modify the necessary settings on agents to get better deduplication ratio.

    • Type of data may not be deduplicated well.
    • Backup source might have high turnover of data.

See Agents Specific Guidelines to Improve Deduplication Performance for more information.