Error Code: 82:156 The destination encountered an error while processing the data from the source

Article ID: DD0011 Backup job goes pending after upgrading software from version 8 to version 10


Backup job goes pending with one of the following error messages:

Error Code: [82:156]
Description: The job is pending because: The destination encountered an error while processing the data from the source.

Error Code: [62:1247]
Description: Encountered network error while talking to the SIDB engine.


The error message appears when the MediaAgent hosting the deduplication database (DDB) is upgraded from version 8 to 10, and the DDB is in version 8.


To resolve the backup failure, perform one of the following methods:

Method 1

  1. Install version 9 MediaAgent as restore only agent on different instance of the DDB MediaAgent computer.

    Use the following steps to install the MediaAgent:

    1. Create the bAllowMultiInstances additional settings at the following location and set the value as 1.


    2. Create nAllowOlderClients and bIgnoreCommServeVersion additional settings.

      See CS0001 for more information on how to install previous version clients to version 10 CommCell.

    3. Install the MediaAgent as restore only agent, see Installing Restore Only Agents in version 9 Books Online documentation.
  2. Upgrade the current 8.0 DDB to 9.0 DDB using SIDB2.exe tool.

    See Upgrade the Deduplication Database in version 9 Books Online for the step-by-step procedure.

  3. Uninstall the version 9 MediaAgent.

Method 2

  1. Suspend the client backup job.
  2. Seal the version 8 DDB.

    See Sealing the Deduplication Database for instructions.

  3. Mark the DDB for recovery.

    See Marking the Deduplication Database for Recovery for instructions.

  4. Resume the client backup. When you resume the client backup, the new version 10 DDB gets created.