Error Code: 32:418 Deduplication DB access path [ ] on MediaAgent [ ] is offline/full

Article ID: DD0013 Job goes to waiting state when Deduplication Database host volume is full.


The backup job goes into Waiting state with the following error message:

Error Code: [32:418]
Description: DeDuplication DB access path [ ] on MediaAgent [ ] is offline for Storage Policy Copy [ ]. Offline Reason: Disk is full. Source: prodcs, Process: JobManager


The error message appears when there is insufficient free space on volume hosting the DDB.


  1. Move or remove data from DDB host volume to have minimum space specified in the Minimum Free Space (MB) on Deduplication tab - Copy Properties dialog box.
    If minimum free space cannot be achieved, either move the DDB or replace the volume with a larger volume.
  2. Resume the backup job.