Error Code 19:1327 Unable to execute command [ifind.exe] on remote machine

Article ID: DD0015 DDB backup job fails with unable to execute ifind.exe command


The DDB backup job fails with the following error message:

Error Code: [19:1327]
Description: Attempt start error: [Unable to execute command [ifind.exe] on remote machine [MediaAgentName]. Please ensure that the latest service pack is installed on the remote machine. If the problem persists contact your software provider.]
Source: FS01, Process: JobManager


The DDB Backup might fail in the following scenarios:

Cause 1:

If version 9 MediaAgent hosting the DDB is pointed to version 10 CommServe and does not have a File System Agent installed on that MediaAgent.

Cause 2:

If one of the storage policy for which the DDB is getting backed up is deleted.


Resolution 1:

  • Upgrade MediaAgent to same version or service pack level as the CommServe.
  • Install a File System Agent on the version 9 MediaAgent and rerun the DDB backup job.

Resolution 2:

Rerun the DDB backup job.