The specified path is already in use

Article ID: DD0051 Storage Policy Creation Fails


The storage policy creation fails with the following error message:

The specified Path [] is already in use. Please specify another path.


The error message appears during the creation of a storage policy if you have specified:

  • The DDB path which is already in use.
  • The DDB path used by the old storage policy, but the storage policy was deleted immediately after creation, and no data was written to the DDB.
    The empty and unused location of the DDB entries in the CommServe database is deleted for every 24 hours.


Perform one of the following tasks:

  • To use the same DDB path, wait for 24 hours in order for the system to delete the DDB path entries from the CommServe database, and then create a storage policy with same DDB path.
  • Use a different DDB path during a storage policy creation.