Error Code: [32:406] Deduplication Database is currently under maintenance

Article ID: DD0058 Backup and Auxiliary Copy Jobs might go into Waiting state when deduplication database is in maintenance mode


Backups and Auxiliary Copy Jobs go into Waiting state with the following error message:

Error Code: [32:406]
Description: Library [ ], MediaAgent [ ], Drive Pool [ ], Media[ ]: Deduplication Database is currently under maintenance.
Advice: Please check Media Manager service log.

The following event message is displayed in the Event Viewer window:

[19] Deduplication Engine(s) have been put in maintenance mode. Reason [Last access time recorded in DDB doesn't match with that in CommServe database]. Please resync to make these Engines accessible.



When CommServe database and deduplication databases are inconsistent, the deduplication databases are flagged as in maintenance mode. When DDBs are in maintenance mode, no backups or Auxiliary Copy jobs can access the DDB.


To resolve this issue, run DDB Resynchronization.

See Resynchronizing the Deduplication Database for more information.