Error Code 19:1332 Encountered error during SYNC file backup

Article ID: DD0061 Backup of Deduplication Database (DDB) fails


You see one or more similar entries in CLbackup.log file

CBackupBase::BackupSYNCFiles(4911) - Laptop backup failed to upload Moniker-AbsPath map, error=0xFFFFFFFF:{..\..\CommClient\fsClient\UserMonikerMapUploader.cpp[UserMonikerMapUploader::Upload(72)]/ErrNo.-1.(Unknown error)-Moniker-AbsPath map file C:\Program Files\CommVault\Simpana\iDataAgent\JobResults\CV_JobResults\iDataAgent\FileSystemAgent\2\882\USER_MONIKER_ABSMAP.cvf not found}

CBackupBase::DoBackup(3116) - Encountered error during SYNC file backup 



Files system Agent with the Laptop (DLO) option enabled is installed on the MediaAgent. Laptop option is not suitable/supported for backup of the Deduplication Database (DDB)


  1. Uninstall the MediaAgent and Windows File System Agent platforms from the host.
  2. Release license and then delete the Windows File System iDA from the Client Computers view in the CommServe console. This will prevent the laptop (DLO) setting from being applied to the new installation.
  3. Reinstall the MediaAgent and Windows File System platforms on that host without the laptop (DLO) option.