Error code 19:1676 Job completed immediately as none of the stores are eligible for backup

Article ID: DD0068 DDB subclient backup Completes with Errors if no stores are eliglble for backup.


DDB subclient backup job fails with Error Code 19:1676.  

In JobManager log you see entries similar to:

Servant    [---- SCHEDULED BACKUP REQUEST ----], taskid [] Clnt[] AppType[Windows File System][] BkpSet[defaultBackupSet] SubClnt[DDBBackup] BkpLevel[Full][]
Servant    Marking job as partial success because this is a DDB subclient and none of the stores are eligible for backup.
Scheduler   -> COMPLETED w/ ONE OR MORE ERRORS <-  Completed JobType[Backup] CompletionStatus[With Errors]


Starting with Version 11, Service Pack 5, Deduplication databases which are in the process of being recovered are not eligible for backup. This condition is now being classified as Completed with Errors in order to notifiy the administrator. This condition may also exists for new clients when there are no deduplication databases yet to backup.


No resolution.  If the deduplication database does not yet exist or the deduplication database is in recovery mode, the job will continue to run on schedule. Subsequent job will backup up the deduplication database when it exists and when it is not in recovery mode.