Error Message: "Found one or more MediaAgents that have Deduplication databases (DDBs) with version mismatch"

Article ID: DD0072 The preupgrade report for a DDB displays the DDB partition version mismatch error message.


The backup operations and the auxiliary copy operations do not run, and the DDB preupgrade report displays the following error message:

Found one or more MediaAgents that have Deduplication databases (DDBs) with version mismatch


The extended DDB partitions are on different software versions.


Ensure that all the DDB partitions are on the same software version.

If any partion has already been converted by using the memdb option with SIDB2 tool, then ensure that all the remaining partions of the DDB are also converted by using the memdb option. 

For more information, see Converting Deduplication Database to Transactional Deduplication Database.

However, if none of the partions have been converted using the memdb option with the SIDB2 tool, then use the following steps to resolve the DDB partition version mismatch.

  1. Log on to the MediaAgent computer that hosts the DDB.
  2. On the command line, go to the software_installation_directory/Base folder, and run the following command by using the following parameters.


  • Windows
    sidb2 -convert -nonmemdb -in  -cn  -i -split
  • Linux
    ./sidb2 -convert -nonmemdb -in  -cn -i -split


Option Description
-nonmemdb The keyword to correct DDB partion mismatch.
-in The instance of the software that uses the tool.
-cn The client name of the MediaAgent that hosts the DDB.
-i The ID of the DDB. You can view the ID from the Deduplication Engines node in the CommCell Browser.
-split The partition number of the DDB. You can view the split number by accessing the path of the DDB.

For example, in the following location, the split number is 1.



To convert the split 1 of DDB with ID as 86, located on DDBMediaAgent01, run the following command:

sidb2 -convert nonmemdb -in Instance001 -cn DDBMediaAgent01 -i 86 –split 1