Restore Error Code [74:302] Completed with one or more errors

Article ID: EXDB0011 Restore jobs from the Exchange Database Agent are displayed as "Completed w/ one or more errors" in the Job History.


The Job History viewer displays restore jobs from the Exchange Database Agent as:

Error Code 74:302 Completed w/ one or more errors


The error might occur under the following conditions:

  • A few databases or storage groups could not be restored because there was no data found to restore.
  • At least one of the databases was not restored successfully, even though all the other databases were restored successfully.


  • If there is no data to be restored, make sure that the appropriate storage device is available when the restore job runs.
  • If you use Exchange 2010, and you attempted to restore more than one database, exclude the failed database, and then run the restore job again.

    Note: Use the Event Viewer to see which database failed.