Version 8 Firewall Support Ending

Article ID: FW0003 Clients running V8 firewall software with V10 agent software may experience communication issues


Client computers running version 8 firewall software with  version 10 agent software have issues communicating with their version 10 CommServe instance.


Upgrade the firewall software on client computers running V10 agent software to V10 firewall software. Effective with V10 SP9, client firewall software configurations must be compatible with V10.

To determine which client computers are running a version 8 firewall, download the Version 8 Firewall reporting script to the CommServe computer. We recommend saving the file without the leading serial number, either by right-clicking the link and renaming it in the Save As dialog box, or by renaming it when you copy it to the CommServe computer.

Follow these steps:

  1. Place the script file in:
  1. Run the script from that directory, using the syntax: 
qscript -f GetOldFirewallClients.sqle

This script returns the names of client computers that are running agent software V10 SP8 or later with V8 firewall software. After December 15, 2014, clients running V8 firewall software with V10 agent software is not a supported configuration.

Important: For the script to return the names of V10 clients using V8 firewall software, the client computers must be running V10 SP8 or later agent software. For more information about the V10 firewall , see Firewall - Getting Started - Overview.

After upgrading a client computer's firewall to V10, you must delete the following files from the client's Base directory. You can do this manually, or by running the Delete Firewall Files from Clients workflow:

  • FwHost.txt
  • FwPeers.txt
  • FwPorts.txt

The Delete Firewall Files from Clients workflow is available in the Software Store. The workflow automatically deletes the V8 firewall files from all applicable clients in a single operation. For more information, see Delete V8 Firewall Files from Clients.

When you have deleted all files, manually restart the Commvault services on the client.