Backing up IBMi (AS/400) Libraries in Consistent State.

Article ID: IBMI0008 Backing up IBMi (AS/400) Libraries in Consistent State.


Backing up IBMi (AS/400) Libraries in Consistent State.

Best Practices

A library (*LIB) on the AS/400 is an object used as a system directory to keep track of other objects.  AS/400 uses an object called the library list (*.LIBL) broken up into three portions – System, Product, and User. The system portion can hold up to 15 library names. The default contents of the system portion are specified in the QSYSLIBL system variable.

The system portion of the library list is backed up with DR-Subclient.  These libraries are put into restricted state in order to take a consistent backup.

Backing up libraries in the Product or User portion of *LIBL does not necessarily put the system into restricted state.

There are few option customer can use to make sure of data consistency.

  • Suspend the application for duration of backup.

This is simplest option. The pre/post command can be used to suspend/resume application(s).

  • Use Save While Active option *LIB to backup libraries in consistent state. 

Save While Active is a subclient Advanced Properties tab/option. Each library defined in the subclient conent will be backed up independently and within its consistent state.

  • Use Save While active option *SYNCLIB to backup up to 32 libraries and keep consistent state of all libraries in a group.

Note: SYNCLIB option only appears when Custom subclient content is selected.

With *SYNCLIB option, the group of libraries defined in the subclient content tab are synchronized to reach a consistent state during this backup option.

If required, associated application can be stopped for short period of time to reach consistent state and resumed immediately.

Use the PreBackup Process command to stop/suspend the application.

Use the PostBackup Process to start/resume the application when the backup of all objects has completed.  However, for faster start/resume of the application use the Save While Active option Command to run when libraries are synchronized.  With this option, the applications are started/resumed once synchronization has completed rather than waiting for the backup to complete.

For more details on save while active options: