A backup job is Pending with the error code 32:406

Article ID: IND0004 A backup job is in the Pending state, with the Error code 32:406. The description may indicate either of the two descriptions listed under Symptom.


A backup job has gone into Pending state with an error code of 32:406. The error description can begin with either of these sentences:

  • The Index Cache for the MediaAgent is disabled.
  • The MediaAgent is not active.

The rest of each error description provides resolution advice.


This Pending state can result from four different causes, which are keyed to the error code description. Each cause has a corresponding resolution (see the next section).

Description: The Index Cache for the MediaAgent is disabled

Cause 1

The disk that hosts the Index Directory is full.

Cause 2

The Index Directory path is disabled.

Cause 3

The Index Directory is not accessible by any MediaAgent.

Description: The MediaAgent is not active

Cause 4

The MediaAgent is offline.



The resolution for each of these issues depends on the cause noted above. See the appropriate number resolution for your particular cause.

Resolution 1

Confirm that the Index Directory has sufficient unused capacity remaining, and if it does not, increase the capacity or adjust the retention parameters.

Resolution 2

Check to see whether the Index Directory path has been intentionally disabled. If so, reenable the Index Directory (see the Enable this path option on the MediaAgent Properties (Catalog)).

Resolution 3

Check to see whether the Index Directory path exists and is accessible. If not, change the path (see Moving the Index Directory) or do whatever is required to make it accessible.

Resolution 4

Verify that the MediaAgent is online. If it is not, bring it back on line (see Enable or disable a MediaAgent).