Uninstallation Error: Setup failed to retrieve registry info

Article ID: INS0017 When you uninstall a Commvault package on a Windows computer, you might get a registry-related error message.


The uninstallation program might fail with the following error:

Setup failed to retrieve registry info.


  • The computer has an environment variable with an empty value.
  • The user performing the uninstallation task does not have the required permissions for some directories.


Apply one of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Environment Variable

Check the environment variables on the computer, and verify that each has a proper value.

To check the environment variables, open the command prompt, type set and press Enter.

Solution 2: Permissions

Verify that you have sufficient permissions for the following directories:

  • Windows Temp directory
  • Commvault installation directory
  • Installer hidden folder in the Windows directory