Error Code 19:583 Another backup is running for client […], iDataAgent […], BackupSet […], Subclient […]

Article ID: JM0003 A data protection job was initiated for a subclient or storage policy copy (auxiliary copy, backup copy, or silo copy job) which already has a data protection job in progress.


The most recently initated backup job fails to start with "error code 19:1132 Another backup is running for client [...], iDataAgent [...], Instance [...], Subclient [...]."


Usually, this is an informational error or alert. 

Most likely, the previous job did not complete during the speicified backup window and overlapped with the next backup schedule. Only one backup job can run for each subclient at the same time.


To prevent backup job failures, enable the Queue conflicting jobs option in the Job Management dialog box in the Control Panel.

If this error is persistent or the job queue continues to grow, investigate these possible problems:

  • Latest Updates are not installed.
  • Job Schedules conflict.
  • Sufficient spare media is not available.
  • Maximum number of scheduled job streams exceed maximum number of available device streams.

Take appropriate action if any of the above problems affect job management.