Error code 19:1308 Register job failure: [reason]

Article ID: JM0004 Job unable to register new phase with Job Manager


Job fails with Error code 19:1308 and one of the following reason descriptions:

  • Thread [] tried to register for job [], but job already has a thread
  • The control process for the previous phase is still running.


A previous control process is left running when the next phase attempts to start.  The usual cause is network interruption (dropping packets).  Whatever the cause, the previous job phase is not closing all processes properly. Subsequent jobs may fail to start due to current job not completing.


  1. Check that all services are running on CommServe, Client, and MediaAgent.
  2. Check that the network is stable and responsive between all components. 
  3. Check host name resolution between all components.
  4. Kill current job and restart.
  5. If error is persists, restart services on Client and MediaAgent.