Error Code 17:67 Failed to delete

Article ID: JM0009 Backup fails during scan phase with error code 17:67


Backup job fails with error code 17:67 Failed to delete [file in Job Results]. Check that the items are not in use by another program. The delete attempt returned error [The system cannot find the path specified., Failed to search directory [\\?)].
Source: [], Process: FileScan


Most likely causes:

  • Anti-Virus conflict: JobResults folder is not excluded from Anti-virus scan
  • Configuration: JobResults folder has been relocated or the path is not valid. 


Verify anti-virus software on the client excludes Commvault files. Use the following guidance:

Check to see if full path exists on the client for file it is trying to delete.  If not, recreate the path and restart job.

Change Job Results to a new folder using the instructions from this link. Restart job.