LNDM Recall failure : Persistent recovery is not triggered

Article ID: LNAR0004 In older versions of Linux [Redhat Version < 6 and SuSe < 11] lnDMhook fails to load from Commvault Base folder. Hence, fails to trigger persistent recovery.


Recalls are not getting triggered as lnDMhook fails to load from Commvault Base folder

Extract from cvlndmhook.log:

10/01 15:33:58 MainEntryPoint() - Logging level: [1].
10/01 15:34:52 MainEntryPoint() - Logging level: [1].
10/01 15:35:38 EMHandlerProc() - Found a stub in note: [0x0000110e]. Open note flags: [0x02000176]. Recalling note....
10/01 15:35:38 RecallNote() - Error: unable to obtain hook actual DLL: [/opt/simpana/Base/liblndmhookactual.so] from Galaxy.
10/01 15:40:56 MainEntryPoint() - Logging level: [1].



1) export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=
restart domino server

2) create simpana.conf with  entry. Copy this file to /etc/ld.so.conf.d directory.
run /sbin/ldconfig
restart domino server