Domino server crashes during Database Restore process because of DUCS extension

Article ID: LNDB0001 If customer have the Cisco/Avator Domino Unified Communication Services (DUCS) add-in enabled on Domino server, they may see Domino server crash when they restore a Database.


In domino NSD file, customer will see the following call stacks. Domino crashed in initialize Notes API call. 


@[ 3] 0x60915846 nnotes.EMInit@4+598 (30e6ecf4)
@[ 4] 0x60945877 nnotes.InitializeNSFExt@4+4871 (897405)
@[ 5] 0x6001a0a7 nnotes.InitializeNSF@0+7 ()
 [ 6] 0x0044b065 ln6dbRestore.FsRestoreDbsObjectsFactory::initializeThread+1893 ()
 [ 7] 0x0041a68d ln6dbRestore.FclRestore::readPipeline+157 ()
 [ 8] 0x0041a5e3 ln6dbRestore.FclRestore::readPipelineStatic+19 ()

in notes.ini. customer should see the following line in extension addin: 



This issue only happened in Database restore process. Backup will not see any issue. 


The root cause is our command lines passes a string which the DUCS extension can't handle. 

lndbclRestore.exe -commcellid 2 -appid 414 -port 8400 -host -ptype 2 -destClientId 409 -maHostName -rawdatapart 1 -cn testnotes*global-cv01 cvsport:51954:0 cvsmyplatform:4 cvsremoteplatform:2 -vm Instance001


Remove the DUCS add-in from notes.ini or contact third party software provider to fix the issue.