Error Code 32:406 Mount Path does not have enough space

Article ID: MM0012 Data Protection Job goes to waiting/pending state because of inability to access storage path or media.


Error Code: [32:406] Mount Path does not have enough space : Library [XXXXXXX], MediaAgent [XXXXXXXX], Drive Pool [DrivePool(XXXXXXXX)], Media[]:Make sure that there is at least enough free space to satisfy the reserve space value set on the Library Property: Source: Process:


Mount path is reporting insufiicent free space to write data.  Other mount paths/available writers are either full/in use or not online. 


Verify that all Data Path Spare media pools have sufficient media/disk space. Add additional mount paths/disk space or Age/Prune jobs as necessary to free up media/disk space.

Verify for that all Disk Library network share data paths using user authentication have valid credentials and permission to write to the share path. Update/change user authentication as necessary.

Verify for any Disk Library with network share data path that the required number of SMB/CIFS connections are allowed. (Microsoft KB 2537589).   Apply Microsoft hotfix if necessary.