Error Code 32:406 There are no usable media inside the library

Article ID: MM0015 Data Protection Job goes to waiting/pending state because of inability to access storage path or media.


Error Code: [32:406] There are no usable media inside the library. All media are probably full, outside library or marked bad: Library [XXXXXXX], MediaAgent [XXXXXXXX], Drive Pool [DrivePool(XXXXXXXX)], Media[]:Please check the library for details: Source: Process:


Media in Library contains no spare or appendable media that can be used by the requesting job. Note that appendable media can only be used by the same subclient stream and only if it meets usage criterion.


Take one or more of the following actions:

  1. Insert/Import New/Existing spare media into the library.
  2. Run Data Aging job to make expired media available as spare media.
  3. Add another library data path to the storage policy copy.
  4. Change the number of Subclient Readers, number of Writers, enable Multiplexing, or Combine streams as necessary to reduce current job stream requirements.