Article ID: MM0018 When mounting a media for a Backup or Auxiliary Copy operation the error message shown appears.


Backup operation fails with the error messageL

Error Code 62:715 :

The Auxiliary Copy operation fails with one of the following error messages.

Error Code 32:23:
Failed to mount media with barcode [...], side [...], into drive [...], in library [...] on MediaAgent [...].

Error Code 64:232:
Move Media From Slot To Drive


  1. The media attempting to be loaded into a drive is not a compatible media type for the drive type or it is loaded into the wrong drive type.
  2. If the wrong barcode is being used for the media. The media is rejected because the wrong media type is loaded into a drive.

    For example if an LTO1 tape has a LTO3 barcode, for example L3 extension instead of L1. (Applies to LT0x media)

  3. There may be media in the wrong scratch pool and an attempt was made to load this media into the wrong drive type.

    For example if an LTO3 tape was put into an LTO1 scratch pool to be used by an Ultrium1 Drivepool. (Applies to all LT0x media)


  • Verify that the tape drives which are configured are in the appropriate drive pools withinLibrary and Drive Configuration in the Console Console. For more information, see Device Detection.

    Verify if / when the library was detected and configured:

    • If the option to Auto Create DDS Drive Pools was selected and the library has mixed drive types then drives may have been placed into the wrong drive pools.
    • When configuring a library with mixed drive types, all drives must be checked to ensure they are in the appropriate drive pools before completing the configuration of the library.

      See Configuring Libraries with Mixed Drive Types for more information.

  • Verify that the correct barcode is being used for the media.

    Refer to the library manual or contact your hardware vendor to configure the library so that the barcode that is being used is correct for the media type.