Error Code 62:280 The media in the drive already has a valid On Media Label and is not a spare

Article ID: MM0019 Mounting media in a tape drive fails because the On Medial Label (OML) and expected drive do not match.


When Mounting Media for backup or Auxiliary copy job, the following error occurs:

Error Code 62:280
Failed to mount media with barcode [...], side [...], into drive [...], in library [...] on host [...]. Reason: The media in the drive already has a valid On Media Label and is not a spare. Advice: Please check to see if the Library configuration is correct.


  1. Media has been re-labeled with a different barcode and the software reads the old media label on the media from when it had a different physical barcode.
  2. Environment issues occurred which caused the SCSI access path to change to the tape drives so while media was mounted in the drives the Commvault software was looking at the wrong media while performing the comparison of the physical barcode and the media label written to the tape.
  3. Slow mapping for the tape library was not accurate at the time the tape was mounted in the drive.
  4. A standalone tape drive is used and the media that is being used already has an On Media Label (OML) and is not a spare.


If the tape has valid data then contact your software provider.

If this is a Standalone drive and this error is received then replace the media with a new space media.

If this is a Library then first perform a full scan on the library to make sure that the slot mappings have been updated in the CommVault Software. Once the scan is complete, verify the Media Label written to the media matches the physical barcode of the media by performing the steps described in TapeToolGui utility.

Misuse of the TapeToolGui utility can result in data loss. We recommend you to contact your software provider to resolve this issue.

If the Media label written to the tape does not match the barcode because the media was re-labeled or if the tape has invalid data, use TapeToolGui utility to format the media.

If the media was previously marked bad with Media Label errors and if the Media Label written to the tape matches the barcode then the media can be marked appendable again.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, select Storage Resources | Libraries | | Media by Location | Media in Library.
  2. Right-click the media, point to Options, and then click choose the Mark Appendable.
  3. A message appears, that asks you to confirm whether you wish to mark the media as appendable. Click Yes.
  4. The media status is changed to Appendable with the reason stating User marked appendable. (Media status can be viewed in the <Media ID> tab of the Media Properties dialog box.)
  5. The media will display a blue and yellow icon.