Error Codes 40:6 or 40:64 The end-of-data marker was reached during an operation

Article ID: MM0022 When reading or preparing to write to a tape, the end-of-data marker is reported


Job fails with one or more of the following errors:

Error Codes 40:6 or 40:64
Error occurred in Library [...],Drive Name [...],Barcode [...],Path [...] [The end-of-data marker was reached during an operation] For more help call please call your vendor's support hotline.

Error Code 40:78
The end-of-data marker was reached during an operation

Error Code 62:318
No more data is on the tape.


An error was encountered while the media was accessed, whether reading, seeking, or writing to it. In many cases, a portion of the media has been damaged. However, the error might be related to other hardware components.


  1. Make sure the latest Service Pack is installed on the CommServe® host and MediaAgents.

    The CommServe host and all of the MediaAgents that are in the same CommCell®group must include all of the additional updates to the same level of current Service Pack. In addition, you must apply any other updates that were released after the Service Pack to both the CommServe host and the MediaAgents.

  2. If the error occurred during a backup, keep the media, but mark the media full so that no new backup uses this media. For more information, see Mark a Media Full.

    Although the media has bad sections, there might still be valid data on it, depending on where the error was encountered. However, the same errors might be encountered when you restore or copy data from this media.

  3. If the error occurred during an auxiliary copy, you must prevent jobs that were written to the bad portion of the media from being copied so that the Auxiliary Copy operation can proceed.
    1. To determine which job to disable, examine the error in the Event Viewer.

      The Job ID that is listed in the Backup Jobs part of the error message is the job that was written to the damaged portion of the media.

      Error Code 40:91
      Failed to Copy or verify Chunk [...] in media [...], Storage Policy [...], Copy [...], Host [...], Path [...], File Number [...], Backup Jobs[...].

    2. Prevent the job from being copied. For more information, see Prevent Jobs from Being Copied.

      Depending on the location and extent of the damage, it might affect more than one job. Therefore, the jobs cannot be restored.

  4. If the error occurred during a restore, data that was written to the damaged part of the media probably cannot be recovered.
  5. To rule out the possibility of hardware or firmware issues, contact your library hardware vendor.