Error Code 62:92 Failure during update operation on CommServe Database

Article ID: MM0028 The error occurs when the media is read or when you attempt to discover the media


During Media discovery, the following error appears:

Error code 62:92
Failure during update operation on CommServe Database.

The following messages might appear in the Event Viewer:

Error code 63:107
Please make sure that all media in the library have valid readable barcodes.

Error code 63:180:
Please check if the media has a valid barcode.

The following appears in the MediaManager.log file:

addMedia() - Barcode [ ] contains Invalid Characters. It should contain Alpha-Numeric Characters Only. Error: [1301].
ODBCApi\DBcursors.cpp ,line 1432, DBtable::execStmt: Problem executing "SET NOCOUNT OFF update MMSlot set MediaId = 124286880, IsGalaxyMedia = 1 WHERE SlotId = 351968"

[DBErr] SqlState: 23000 NativeError: 547 Line/Row: 1/1
[DBErr] Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The UPDATE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK__MMS2Slot__MediaI__46B27FE2". The conflict occurred in database "CommServ", table "dbo.MMMedia", column 'MediaId'.
[DBErr] SqlState: 01000 NativeError: 3621 Line/Row: 1/1
[DBErr] Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The statement has been terminated.

MLMLibInfo::autoDiscoverMedia() - :MLMLibInfo.cpp:6249: Failed to do auto discovery of New Media on Library 25 due to error 289, string


The barcode label contains characters that are no longer supported by Commvault software.


You must change the media label so that it conforms to the Label Design Code 39 Standard.

The Code 39 standard supports:

  • the uppercase letters A through Z (no lowercase letters)
  • the numbers 0 through 9
  • the seven special characters ( - . $ / + % * )

The special characters (* $) are reserved characters and should not be used as part of the actual customer barcode label.

Additional Information

For more details about barcode standards, see:

Automated Tape Library Barcode Label Technical Brief.