Setting Disk Library Managed Disk Space Threshold

Article ID: MM0055 Setting Disk Library Managed Disk Space Threshold


Setting Disk Library Managed Disk Space Threshold

Best Practices

Managed disk space is configured in the Disk Library Properties and enabled on a per Storage Policy Copy basis. Data Aging operations still need to be run on a regular basis for Storage policies using Managed disk space. Data Aging will flag the eligible data as "Managed" (an internal flag). Managed data will still be included in restore browse operations along with retained data without the need to include "Aged" data.

The periodic Update Free Space operation will check for thresholds being exceeded and, if so, erase the "Managed" data starting with the oldest until either all managed data is erased, or the lower threshold level reached. You can increase or decrease the configuration parameter for Interval(Minutes) between disk space updates (default :30 minutes) located in the Service Configuration tab of the Control Panel’s Media Management control.

If a job exceeds the high watermark and fills the available disk space before managed data can be erased, the job will go into a waiting state due to "Insufficient media". Once the erase operation is completed and space becomes available, the job will resume.

Best Practice - Set your high watermark level to leave at least sufficient disk space for what your hourly throughput rate can fill. This will give some breathing room.