Error Code: [87:83] Log restore operation failed

Article ID: MSQL0006 A MySQL log file restore job fails with Error Code [87:83]


A log file restore job fails with the following error message:

Error Code: [87:83]
Description: One or more errors occurred while applying the transaction logs to the database(s). Please check event messages OR logs for more details.

You can also find following error in the MySqlRestore.log file:

8060  1d24  11/02 15:38:41 41970 MySqlChildProcess::CV_CreateProcess() - Creating Child Process : (G:\MySQL56\bin\mysqlbinlog.exe --start-position=120   -d "qwaszx_1" "G:\41964\41970\52978\mysql-bin.000031" --result-file="G:\41964\41970\52978\ArchiveEvents.sql")

8060  1d24  11/02 15:38:42 41970 MySqlChildProcess::CV_CreateProcess() - Logon of User [ idcprodcert/admin ] Successful...

8060  1d24  11/02 15:38:42 41970 MySqlChildProcess::Wait() - Child process: dwExitCode=2

8060  1d24  11/02 15:38:42 41970 MySqlLogRestore::ApplyTheLogFile() - Wait returned failure


The no-beep option is present in the MySQL configuration file.



Use the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Open the MySQL configuration file, and then comment out the no-beep option.
  1.  Run the log file restore operation again.