Error Code [19:2166] : This job was initiated by an Automatic schedule. It is ready to be resumed by the client.

Article ID: NWK0007 Backup/Archive job goes pending with network error


  • Archive/Backup job goes pending. 
  • Event Info:

Failed to start phase [Scan] on [] due to network error [[Error Message]:Remote system []. Receive timed out waiting for message.]. Will attempt to restart. Please check if this product's services are running on the remote host.

  • JobManager Log:

Scheduler Phase [7-Backup] could not start on [] due to Network Failure with error[0xE809001F:{SetLastRemoteCommandError(1273)/EventMessage.0x0900001F.9:31.([Error Message]:Remote system []. Receive timed out waiting for message.)}]

  • Readiness check fails.


Issue reported on Version 11 Service Pack 10 when client switches from internal network to WAN/Proxy connection and vice versa. Latest Service Pack Hot fixes not installed.


Install latest Service Pack/Hot fixes. Restart services to continue backup.