Sanitizing Disk Storage After Deleting Backup Data or Archive Data

Article ID: OT0063 After you delete backup data or archive data from disk storage, you might need to securely overwrite the discarded sectors on that storage using the disk sanitizing procedure.


After you delete backup data or archive data from disk storage, you might need to enhance data security, sanitize disk storage according to industry standards, and periodically consolidate the deleted space on the disk storage.


Perform the disk sanitizing procedure.

Before You Begin

Before performing the disk sanitizing procedure, verify the following conditions:

  • Synthetic full backup jobs and reference copy jobs are complete.
  • Original jobs that contain deleted files are aged off of disk media.


In disk storage systems, disk sanitizing is a process that involves writing byte sequence multiple passes on all disk blocks that contain sensitive data. Note that you don't need to perform the disk sanitizing procedure after every data deletion operation.

For more information about the disk sanitizing procedure, see Sanitizing the Disk by Using the CVDiskEraser Tool.