Using the CommServe database for Build Your Own Reports

Article ID: RPT0008 Using the CommServe database for Build Your Own Reports


Using the CommServe database for Build Your Own Reports


A variety of reports are automatically included with your Web Console and CommCell Console installations.  An extensive capability to build your own reports is also available.

The primary data source for reporting is the CommServe database located on the CommServe host. Using Commvault’s custom reporting capability, you can create custom reports using SQL queries of the database.

The best method for querying information about CommCell components from the database is to use CommCell Views. CommCell Views provide commonly requested information by combining logically related data from various tables and, when needed, providing a translation of coded values to user-friendly output.

In the cases where CommCell Views do not provide the needed information, you may need to build custom views or query other tables.  We recommend that only users with database experience try to build custom views or queries.

For experienced SQL users, the primary tool for building and testing custom SQL queries is SQL Management Studio.  SQL Management Studio is installed and available on the CommServe host.  Custom report builders can use the Studio to identify the database schema, table designs, and column values. 

To assist in determining which tables or columns to use, Commvault has provided a web page listing all tables in the CommServe database with table and column descriptions.  Report builders can request additional information about the database, views, tables, columns, or values by emailing