Metrics Reporting Data is Not Uploading to the Cloud

Article ID: RPT0009 According to the Last Upload Time in the CommCell Console Control Panel, report data is not uploaded to the Cloud Services website. The upload is blocked by security settings in Internet Explorer.


Report data on the Cloud Services website has not refreshed in several days, even though data is set to refresh every 24 hours. In the Cloud Metrics Reporting dialog box, the Last Upload Time appears to be several days old.


On the Cloud Services website, we disabled insecure protocols, such as TLS 1.0. If the TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 options are cleared in Internet Explorer security settings on the CommServe computer, then report data is not uploaded.


To resolve this problem, you can complete the following steps to select the TLS 1.2 option in Internet Explorer.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.
  2. Select TLS 1.2.

To check connectivity, on the CommServe computer in Internet Explorer, go to