Error Code 17:32 File scan initialization failure.

Article ID: SCAN0004 Job fails to start its scan phase


User sees Error Code: [17:32] Description: File scan initialization failure. Possible causes: Services down on Client and/or CommServe, lost network connectivity to CommServe, out of process memory, handles or corrupted install. Source: [], Process: FileScan  


Communication between the CommServe and Client services has been lost or interrupted.  Most likely cause would be services are down on client.  In some cases, if the client has many processes running there may be insufficient available process memory or file handles which can cause this error.  If this is a first attempt to backup the client, the installation may be corrupted.


  1. Ping client from CommServe and vice-versa.  Use client/commserve hostnames as shown in respective properties in CommCell Console.
  2. If Data Interface Pair is configured between CommServe and Client, verify correct hostname/IP Address are used.
  3. Run Check Readiness on client. (right-click on client then select All Tasks | CHeck Readiness).  Verify client is ready.
  4. If this is the first job on a new client, you may need to reinstall the agent.