A SharePoint In-Place Restore Operation Fails

Article ID: SP0014 A SharePoint in-place restore operation of a host name site collection fails.


A document restore operaton or an offline mining restore operation might fail with the following error message:

Current item failed in the export with the error message:
The file you are attempting to save or retrieve has been blocked from this Web site by the server administrators.


Some files cannot be uploaded because their file types (including .bat, .chm, .config, .exe, and .json.) are blocked by Microsoft SharePoint.

For a list of the file types that SharePoint blocks by default, see the article "Manage blocked file types in SharePoint 2013" on Microsoft TechNet.


To perform a document restore operation or an offline mining restore operation of the blocked file types to a destination web application (that is different from the source web application), you must unblock these file types both from the destination web application and from the SharePoint Central Administration web application.

To unblock these file types, complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you a farm administrator on the SharePoint Server.
  2. From the Windows Start menu, open the SharePoint Central Administration site.
  3. Complete either the step for Security or the step for Application Management:
    • Click Security, and then complete the following steps: 
      1. Select a file type from the list, press the Delete key, and then click OK.
      2. On the Blocked File Types page, if you want to change the selected web application, on the Web Application menu, click Change Web Application. Use the Select Web Application page to select a web application.
      3. On the Security page, in the General Security section, click Define blocked file types.
    • Click Application Management, and then complete the following steps:
      1. On the ribbon, click Blocked File Types.
      2. In the Blocked File Types dialog box, remove the file extensions that you do not want to block.
      3. Click OK.